• CBG Traveller

Single-user business tariffs, perfect for regular travellers and those who maintain contact with customers, colleagues and suppliers throughout Europe


  • CBG Select & Share

This tariff gives you unlimited UK calls and texts, enabling you to select and share other allowances across your mobile fleet


  • World Travel Select

Use your standard mobile minutes, texts and data bundles abroad and avoid paying expensive daily roaming rates


  • UK Calling

Free calls from your business landline to mobiles


  • Mobile Device Management  


  • Secure all your mobile devices, data and apps


  • International Caller


  • Significant savings on international calls when

  • dialling abroad from the UK without bundles

With CBG Mobile Leasing you can access our unique agreements, we are able to provide the best tariffs across the Vodafone, EE and 02 networks.


Furthermore, our team of experts is on hand to guide you through

the leasing process, which is fast, efficient and smooth. Transform

your business with CBG Mobile Leasing and always have the latest

hardware technology at the most cost-effective price. Quite simply,

leasing your mobile phone or tablet is a great way to make your

money go further.

No upfront costs – a simple, fixed, monthly operating

expense that protects your business’ working capital

as it removes upfront capex liability.


By downloading an app from the app store your mobile phone becomes an extension of your system. Your office will know whether you are free or busy, your clients will see your office number not your mobile number.

When you are abroad it looks like you are sitting in your office to the outside world never miss that important call.

Our Mobile Call Recording package ensures mobile workers are given the same level of protection as their desk-bound colleagues using landlines. Our Mobile Recording solution automatically records all calls to and from mobile phones registered to the service.

There is no need to change contracts with existing providers, no need to change mobile phone numbers or networks and this service is available on most modern handsets including Blackberry.

The advantage of our approach is that you get your own contract on your own terms, a single bill for all your other services and contracts that allow you to split your portfolio of mobiles across the major networks on one contract , an unbeatable service level agreement and you
deal directly with our customer care team based in the UK.

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